Sunday, March 18, 2007

Knitted Posies - Glitter Graphics


Small bits of yarn, any weight (worsted weight pictured).
A button for the center.
Corsage pin.
Double pointed needles or 12” circular of a size appropriate to your yarn.


Large Circle

cast on 60 stitches, Join to form a circle.

Knit around for about 2”— to 1/2 finished size, considering the slight curl at the edge.
Cut yarn leaving ~10”tail.
Using yarn needle, thread yarn tail through live stitches and pull them into a circle.

Small Circle

Cast on ~40 stitches – enough stitches to reach around if your are using the circular needle.
Knit around for about 1”
Finish as above.

Place the circles together. Use the yarn tails to tack them together.

Add the button to cover the center hole.


Knit two Stockinette rectangles using the same number of stitches and inches noted above.


Thank you to:
Peggy O’Neill/June, 2004

Blue Bell Knitting Guild, Pennsylvania

To see the guild website click