Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pinku Flower - Glitter Graphics

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Here is a lovely knitted pink flower from the KnitBuddies flower exchange....

To make this flower, you will need to know

(excellent animated instructions on MANY techniques courtesy of Sasha Kagan)


Coats and ClarkFiber: 100% CottonYardage: 100yards Orchid Pink

Needles: 2

Black Leather, Victorian Glass Jet Beads, Japanese Silk Thread,

and standard pin back


1) Cast on 4 stitches to create an icord, Knit for approximately 18 inches or to the size of your petals.

2) Cut the string leaving about 24 inches of thread.

3) Cast off by taking a needle and running it through the four stitches and tieing it off.

4) While the needle is still threaded start to fold the i-cord onto the needle forming 5 equal petals. You will want to run the needle through the petal base.

5) Then when you are happy with the equal petals pull the needle all the way through and form a circle with the petals and knot the thread. Then run the thread through the center several time to give it support.

5) Cut a small piece of leather 3/8*3/8inches. Then take a nail and hammer to punch holes around the edge of the leather.

6) Place in the center of the flower and thread a needle with the silk thread. Run the thread through the leather and place a vintage bead in each hole.

7) Attach the pin back

and ENJOY !!!!